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Home-schooling is a non-traditional form of learning where children are usually taught from the comfort of their homes by their parents.

However, many parents cannot home-school their children themselves for various reasons, so their children attend a private learning centre in someone’s home.

Children often work off a home-school curriculum; however, learning can be more hands-on and relevant to everyday life.

Why do parents choose home-schooling for their children?

  • There is less exposure to illness.

  • The child benefits from one-on-one learning.

  • Children are not categorized and can work at their own pace.

  • Parents can ensure that their children are free from questionable teaching.

  • Children have more emotional freedom than in a standard classroom as peer pressure, bullying etc., is limited and therefore, there is no loss of self-esteem.

What are the benefits of learners need attend extra lessons with a Tutor?

On the other hand, tutoring occurs when learners are given individualized attention that they do not get in a crowded classroom.

This helps learners who struggle to keep up and those who are not challenged enough to be taught at their level.

It also helps to improve attitudes towards learning through one-on-one learning, which presents a great environment to teach the learner to ask questions.

This can be done without fear or judgment. They might get in front of their entire class if the learner is afraid to speak up when they need help.

At Suideroord New Beginnings, the aim of offering to tutor is to:

  • Help overcome learning obstacles by targeting whichever aspects of learning a learner is having trouble with.

  • Assist the learner in reaching their full potential by understanding their unique learning style and then, through one-on-one attention, help them master new material.

  • Improve academic performance to improve the learner’s self-esteem and confidence ultimately.

  • Improving work and study habits and ultimately their attitude towards learning and school.

  • Teaches the learners to be more assertive communicators and form better relationships with their teachers and classmates.

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