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WHY BAKE A CAKE WITH YOUR CHILD when it is so easy to buy one?

Have you ever uttered these words? “Time is money.” “Time is so precious.” “I wish I had more free time to relax.” “I am so exhausted”…

We have been taught that in today’s “rat race”, quality time is what we should aim for rather than the quantity of time spent with our children. Doing homework, running to extra lessons, and extramural activities dip deeply into this precious quality time!

So why waste time baking a cake?... For the sake of enabling your child to understand capacity and volume in mathematics, developing their ability to think critically and enlarge their retentive memory.

So, what is hands-on learning, and why should it be encouraged?

• It is a form of education where children learn instead of simply listening to a teacher talk about a given subject. (“The Importance of Hands-On Learning in Child Education”) It brings life back into learning!

• It allows the brain to be stimulated on multiple levels and uses all seven senses allowing the child to explore their world and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

• It allows the child to engage in ‘kinaesthetic learning’, in other words, the whole body. Which better engages both sides of the brain, i.e., the left side of the brain analyses processes and the right side forms stronger overall connections and can store more relevant information.

• It improves your child’s hand and finger muscles whilst working in a coordinated way which helps develop their bilateral coordination skills.

• When your child’s learning results in something tangible that they can take pride in or use (in this case, eat), your child will be more motivated to focus on work found in their textbook as they should relate to the concept.

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