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Parents may be concerned that they might frighten their children by discussing this topic too early. However, we live in a society that is not always child friendly and having this conversation may reassure a calm, rational approach to a terrifying subject.

Our children are unintentionally being exposed to far more than what they understand, i.e., and the TV plays “harmlessly” in the background while we wait for our favorite “show” to come on.

Without noting what is being advertised, the behaviors our children are being exposed to look like such fun to them it can be innocently acted out with their friends.

This is not a problem in itself! Instead, the problem occurs when adults or peers exploit these behaviors, and our children are unaware of possible dangers. After all, it happens on TV all the time.

Please, Moms and Dads, chat with your children. Be alert to what your children are viewing and explain what acceptable behavior is and what is not – from friends and adults that they know and do not know.

It is essential to ensure your child knows what a stranger is – so describe to them what that is, i.e. someone we don’t know or don’t know well. Emphasize that they should never go anywhere with a stranger or do anything with a stranger no matter what they say to them, and it is important that they always tell the ‘grown-up’ that looks after them if a stranger talks to them.

We all love our children, so let’s keep them safe.

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