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SHAKY MATHEMATICAL FOUNDATION KNOWLEDGE - Is the new way of teaching the cause?

Over the last century, there has been a huge paradigm shift in teaching and learning.

In the 1900s, teacher-centred instruction was emphasised, which encouraged rote learning or memorisation by repetition.

Little focus was placed on ensuring total understanding of the material being taught.

Today’s education is more creative, flexible, and challenging as more emphasis is placed on active learner participation through reflection, application, enquiry, exploration, questioning and debates.

The question to ponder is, should rote learning be discarded in our schools, or should the rote learning of bonds and timetable (which form the greatest foundational building blocks of mathematics), be reintroduced and enforced?

Why will instant recall of bonds and timetables benefit your child?

• It prevents waste of time and energy when completing mathematical problems.

• Mental mathematics becomes a breeze, and learners become accustomed to using their heads to visualise answers to questions.

• It helps learners spot other number relationships.

• Improves memory skills which are then transferrable to other areas of learning.

• It prevents mathematical anxiety and increases self-confidence whilst working out solutions to mathematical problems.

• Multiplication forms building blocks for other mathematical concepts such as division, fractions, and algebra.

• It can be applied in real-life, handling money and sharing with a friend.

• It frees up working memory to allow the learner to develop reasoning skills to analyse and complete mathematical problems.

The most important reason of all learners are not condemned to a lifetime struggle with numbers.

Even if your child’s school is not enforcing the instantaneously recall of bonds and multiplication, you have the option to assist your child in this area.

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