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HOMESCHOOLING – a new trend?

Homeschooling has been practiced since the 17th century. It was first established due to a lack of educational infrastructure.

Today, however, homeschooling has taken on a different slant.

The Covid epidemic has impacted family dynamics and social structures as parents were forced to take on the “teacher role” during long periods of remote learning.

Many parents are now more conscious of the value of smaller classes or individual tuition, which allows a child’s strengths and weaknesses to be addressed to benefit holistic learning.

At Suideroord New Beginnings Learning and Teaching Centre, we have taken the CAPS curriculum taught in the schools and personalized it to enhance the benefits of homeschooling and the individual requirement of the child.

What we strive towards:

• No threat of failure. Children do not learn in the same manner or pace. With a small group of children, all are allowed to work in a less structured, chaotic environment.

• Customized programs. To better assist students in their learning. They receive individualized education and work at their own pace.

• Independence. Computers and the internet are readily available, so learners can find information that leads to more in-depth, personal learning than rote learning on the topic being taught in school.

• Peer pressure. Teasing and bullying are not accepted, so they are exposed to lower peer pressure, competition, and potential bullying. Students can, therefore, gain confidence and work to the best of their abilities and potential. No student is ostracized.

• Special attention. As each child is taught individually, all needs are met no matter which side of your child’s learning spectrum. Children, therefore, work according to their level of ability. This enables some children to progress at a much faster pace.

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