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The word “bored” could mean various things to different children – at different times.

It could mean that your child does not know how to spend his time and needs direction, or it could be your child’s way of saying that they want mom or dad to pay them some attention.

Raising children in today’s “all-technology” generation should ensure that they have a million things they could do.

The dreaded phrase “I’m bored” should technically never be uttered, yet it is still one phrase that is frequently lamented, and it drives many parents crazy.

Our modern culture requires parents to structure their children’s life with extra-curricular activities, so very little free time is left.

The constant stimulation of today’s lifestyle makes it very difficult for children to entertain themselves.

For children to structure their free time is a life skill, and the more practice they are given, the better developed their self-reliance, creativity, and self-esteem will become.

Imaginary play is the foundation for adult problem solving later in life and the start of thinking out of the box to solve real problems later in life.

So, should we as adults feel guilty about not finding solutions to our child’s “I am bored” plea?

Not at all! Parents should not need to stimulate and entertain their children 24/7.

Step back, allow your child to become independent, think outside the box and come up with creative ways to occupy themselves, and as a bonus, develop the skill of being happy and content with their own company.

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