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GEOMETRY in nursery school?

We live in a world of shapes - Hexagons stop signs, triangular warning signs, rectangular windows, circular wheels, and the list goes on.

Why would we assume that shapes have little value and take it so much for granted?

As far back as the 6th century, the Greeks gathered and extended this practical knowledge of shapes all around and generalized the abstract subject now known as geometry.

Therefore, having a solid understanding of shape gives learners a head starts in meeting these geometry standards.

Little children intrinsically start to associate an article with its shape and colour. As their visual discrimination matures, they will filter out unnecessary objects to find the desired thing.

So, although they are not required to try out theorems and solve proofs of shape knowledge, they start to identify the desired object by these dimensions.

How does identifying shape (2 and 3 dimensional) impact children’s learning?

• Easier identification of letters and numbers, which are formed from different lines and shapes.

• Identifying letters helps a child master reading and writing skills with more ease.

• It helps children develop categorization and comparison skills as they are encouraged to take note of specific characters. This heightens children’s observation skills, which impacts reading, writing, mathematical, and eventually scientific understanding.

• It helps children develop problem-solving skills such as size and shape when doing puzzles, building blocks, and playing target games.

• Develops spatial perception, which gives children an awareness of themselves with other people and objects around them.

• Shapes are the basis of graphic design and, therefore, play an important role in creating drawings and paintings. Children can symbolize ideas and concepts using shapes.

Shapes are the building blocks for more significant concepts children will use throughout their lives.

Chat about the names of the shapes, their characters, and their uses.

Point out shapes around you to your child. Open a whole new world of discovery for your child and enrich his learning!

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