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DARE to be different!

As a parent, we worry about our children, which often becomes a genuine part of our existence.

We ask questions like is my child happy? Is my child warm enough?

Is my child reaching the required developmental milestones?

However, these small worries expand and often become all-consuming when we realize that our child thinks differently or is struggling to learn and cope within the confined boundaries of our set educational system.

Learning to manage our worries about our children and direct them positively is one of the essential skills that a parent will need to do.

• Parental anxiety usually peaks when a parent feels that the issue will never be resolved. Rather than google and self-diagnose your child’s behaviour patterns, make an appointment with a medical practitioner, and receive positive and practical advice and treatment.

• Stop comparing your child to other people’s children! Many environmental factors will affect a child’s developmental and cognitive development.

• Take your child’s temperament into account and know that an outgoing, adventurous, risk-taking child will cope differently in a new environment than a cautious, shy child.

• Be cautious about comparing siblings. They might be related, but they are unique individuals.

No matter how different your child’s learning patterns are, remember that a child who feels loved is happy and healthy.

A positive environment helps boost positive self-confidence. This will help your children reach their full potential and provide them with the skills to think “outside the box” and take the independent adult world by storm.

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